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I moved to California, as a newlywed from Washington D.C. After living the "Big City" lifestyle, we were ready for the warm ocean breezes of the Pacific ocean. My husband was fresh out of Law school & my real estate income, at the time did not qualify us for anything close to the Los Angeles coastline. Six years later we built our dream home on the La Jolla coast in San Diego. There is a big price tag that generally comes with feeling or seeing the Ocean,  from your own home. The attached article on the Top 20 Beach Housing Markets in the U.S has a few surprises in terms of location and price. Coastal can also mean affordable in some U.S communities. For our clients looking to find a U.S coastal property this is a must read. I would like to hear from you. Please email your comments to To request more information on any of these markets click here.

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