Jasmine Hsu

Jasmine Hsu is a Relocation Coordinator for Realty Connex.  She has been a cross-cultural communicator since 1997.  She is fluent in English, Mandarin, Spanish and two Chinese local dialects (Hokkien and Hakka). 

Born and raised in Taiwan, Jasmine started her career in communication as a Chinese linguist and project coordinator in Boston.  She managed translation projects in 22 languages for Microsoft under extremely tight deadlines.  In 2007, she started to freelance for Google as a Chinese linguist for their advertising products, and has since helped numerous businesses with social media marketing and online advertising. 

Jasmine joined the team at Realty Connex in 2014 with a proven track record in delivering excellent communication services that focus on clients.  She is committed to bridging the linguistic and cultural gaps between the US and China, and helping Chinese clients establish their lives in the US.  Because she has lived through the process of cultural shock and assimilation, she personally understands clients’ needs in every step of relocation.  She will make sure your transition to life in the US goes smoothly.

Jasmine also believes in taking actions and making dreams come true.  She takes pride in setting goals and achieving them through perseverance, including dedicating 6 months to become a certified Yoga instructor, and most recently, 8 months to assemble a 1,000 page self-petition for Green Card for her family (the case was approved within 100 days).  Over the past 16 years, she has built a successful career as a cross-cultural communicator. 

When Jasmine is not working with Chinese buyers to find their next dream home, you can find her with family enjoying yoga and reading.  She also volunteers for Translators Without Borders for issues concerning refugees.